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OK, and now some general info about the Girl Gone Wild com franchise which was, by the way, started way back in 1995 by one Joseph R. Francis. Hey, way to go Joe! It is headquartered in sunny Santa Monica, CA. The girls are all amateurs and are encouraged by the hunky camera crew guys to engage in hanky panky of some sort in front of the camera. Wow! What a brilliant concept! Since taking off one's clothing in public constitutes a legal offense, Girl Gone Wild com got into some trouble a while back. They apparently brought in legal whiz kid and New York Governor Eliot Spitzer to clean up the town but alas he got caught doing young Ashley Dupre (yummy hot by the way) and poor Eliot lost the Governor's mansion. Bummer dude. But hey, at least you got to keep your highly pissed off wife and kids. So that's something anyway!

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